How to Date your favorite girl

Sex with girlfriend

When two people go out together because they are or want to be in a romantic relationship is called dating. When they go on a date, they involve in activities which both of them like. For example, watching a movie, eat in a restaurant or join a club etc. There are basically four stages of dating. The relationship blossoms from one stage to another and ultimately, becomes a long life commitment.

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Different stages of dating

Dating for fun- main purpose is enjoyment. Two people come together to have fun. They are just friends with no strings attached. There are no expectations from each other and no commitments as well.  They may not be in constant touch with each other but they get together to enjoy and have fun. It is a platonic relationship at this stage.

Dating to see- main purpose is to know each other. Blind dating, online dating and speed dating come under this type of dating. The relationship matures into a serious one along with enjoyment. They discuss marriage, children, career, family, religion and goals in life.

Dating to decide- main purpose is to decide whether they should get married or not. It is also known as courtship dating. Dating is informal and private where families and communities are also involved in it. They introduce each other’s family members. Some couples even try to live together to see how compatible they are.

Dating after marriage- main purpose is to grow in the married relationship. After they commit themselves to each other, they have to grow in their relationship. They need to spend some exclusive time with one another.

After you date with your favorite girl for fun, you realize that you need to take this relationship to another level. When you are sure this is the girl for you, you have to propose to her. Fall in love with each other. You spend more time with one another, to get to know each other well and witness your friendship blossom to love, mature into marriage and commit for life.